Sunday, April 13, 2008

Crimson Glory-s/t

Metal Mind

Back in the mid 1980's before progressive metal was even really a label, there were a few pioneers who were establishing the sound that would eventually become it's own genre of metal. Queensryche and Fates Warning get a lot of credit, but one band that is too often overlooked is Sarasota Florida's Crimson Glory. They formed in 1982 as Beowulf, but would soon complete their line-up and change their name. By 1986 they had developed their sound which included a soaring double guitar attack, a solid rhythm section and some impressive vocals. Sometimes this band tends to get knocked aside for being too much like Queensryche or some people just can't forget the silly masks these guys wore for a while. Hearing this re-issue is a bit of a re-visiting for me as I had not heard this one in some time. It's actually better than I remembered because I had forgotten just how active the guitars are. Some progressive metal gets so caught up in itself, but every song here is moving forward with a lot power in tow. They don't stop for self-indulgent passages, every part is directed towards the goal of strengthening the song. Although the music is involved, it never comes as being too much. They knew how to keep themselves in check and everything is just building and constructing the songs. Metal Mind's re-issue includes the bonus track "Dream Dancer" and a booklet with full lyrics and a band biography. A good package for a solid debut that probably too many people have either overlooked or have yet to discover.

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