Saturday, June 14, 2008

Teaser-No big deal


This is a three song demo so I'll break down the songs individually since there are so few of them. The opener "Tease Her" is a bewildering track of sorts that seems to contain parts of sleaze type rock, but there are some more classic hard rock moments as well. Although there are some nice pieces, the results are that not everything fits and it feels rather confused. Track two "Make up your mind" is about as big of a turn around from the opener as I could ask for. This is solidly in the camp of early 1980's hard rock along the lines of Scorpions, Rainbow and even a touch of Journey. A far more complicated track then the first one yet they handle this song with greater ease. The final track "Guilty of love" is somewhere between the above two in style and proficiency although it leans a little more towards "Make up your mind". Simple hard rock with a medium-slow tempo and it takes a little time to build up. The majority of this track is fine, but it feels a little underdone like it could have tightened up some. So we have one very good song, one decent and one is kind of average. It's hard to judge a band on just three tracks, but I think they have enough talent and ideas that I would seek out a full length album from them once they get to that point.

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