Friday, June 13, 2008

Journey Memories


While listening to and enjoying the new Journey CD this week I have also been remembering times when I really enjoyed Journey years ago. Here are my top three memories.

1)Some time in late 1981 I was fooling with this old Radio Shack science project kit of my brother's that allowed you to make a radio by hooking some wires onto this circuit board and then attaching a wire to the tv antenae. It worked and the first song I heard once it connected was "Don't stop believin'" off of Escape. I was just starting to get into rock music around that point so it sticks in my memory.

2)Probably in 1983 and into 1984 I was going with my dad on Friday nights when he went bowling. He would give me few dollars to spend on playing video games. The jukebox was near the video games and I would never dare spend my money on the jukebox over video games. Yet I remember hearing "Seperate Ways" being played a lot as I tried to master Star Wars the video game, Dragon's Lair and others.

3)It seems like Caddyshack first came on tv when I was in sixth grade which would have been 81/82. Even though this version was highly cut I still loved it as soon I viewed it. One of my favorite parts was Rodney Dangerfield blasting Journey's "Anyway you want it" out of his radio/golfbag.


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Blogger Pope JTE said...

Dude. Thanks for the memories on this one. Dragon's Lair? Are you kidding me? I forgot all about that game. At my arcade, I remember it was postitioned right between Defenders and Q*bert.

And, I think the entire Journey back catalog was the soundtrack for that place. Great post, my friend!

7:47 AM  

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