Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blackrain-License to thrill


One thing about 2008 is that there has been a greater outpouring of glam releases from countries other than Sweden. Blackrain are from France and their roots go back to 2002 when vocalist/guitarist Swan and guitarist Max 2 begin playing covers of Motley Crue, WASP and others. They went through some bassplayers and drummers before landing a solid line-up. A few months I heard a three song sampler from Blackrain and as it turns out those songs are the first three tracks on this album. So it wasn't until track four that I got to hear something that was new to my ears. This is a big, fun slab of 1980's influenced glam/sleaze rock. The sound has a definite early Motley Crue sound and I hear some LA Guns, WASP and others as well. They are big on anthems and group choruses and they use those very well to their advantage. Granted that describes a lot of younger bands who have bitten by the 80's glam bug, but they guys are a little better than a number of other young glam acts. The guitarists are definitely capable of propelling the music beyond the usual fluff that many glam bands settle for. Swan has a slightly higher voice than some other vocalists, but it works because he knows how to use and it is just different enough to help set them apart. However I will say that songs like "Party War" and "Kill 'em all" appealed to more than some of the other songs just because it's Blackrain getting away from just their influences and trying to strike out on their own some. "Kill 'em all" particularly shows the real potential of this band. It's a rocker that clocks in around 5:20 in length and it's the heaviest track on the album. I think this album is grower and it's already grown on me. Yet for others who didn't have the benefit of hearing their "Innocent Rosie" EP; you may have to give it a few plays before it sinks in. Certainly an album that appealed to me and here's hoping that Blackrain keep pushing and progressing.

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