Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Answer-Everyday Demons


This is probably one of the most aniticipated and hyped releases of the early part of 2009. Ireland's The Answer stir up some straight forward blues rock that brings to mind Zeppelin, AC/DC, Thin Lizzy and Cream. They are big on melodies and guitar driven rock along the lines of what arena bands were doing back in the 70's. There is undoubtedly a smoothness and a strong flow to their music. The Answer try to evoke the powerful feel and massive rock sound of their influences. Many people seem to be bowing down before this band like they are a second coming of well whatever classic rock gods you happen to hear. I just can't help but feel like I am looking at one of those puzzles where there are just a few differences between the two pictures and you try to pick them out. At first you are not sure what's different, but after a while you can spot it and then you know that something isn't quite right. That's how I felt after my first listen of this album. Initially everything seems in order, but upon further inspection there is something missing. Much of this feeling comes from the fact that The Answer are more polished than I wish they were. They prop themselves up as retro-classic rock act and I like the songs, but it's more imitation than anything else. I just can't help but feel that they are playing with some skill, but not a great deal of passion. That shows through and it makes a difference. This is a decent release for sure, nothing that special. Maybe it will come in time for this band, but the Answer are not there yet.

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