Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Acid Drinkers-Fishdick

Metal Mind

By 1994 Poland's craziest thrash band Acid Drinkers had knocked out four studio albums. They were no stranger to cover songs having already slipped their versions of tracks by the likes of Metallica and Deep Purple on their releases. Fifteen years ago doing an album of all covers (or just about all covers in this case) wasn't quite as common of a ritual as it would soon become. Although I liked their previous covers, I would not be too hot on this idea. The reason being that their covers were frequently bizarre and very much different from the originals. While they worked amidst the originals would they get old on an album of just odd covers? Unfortunately the answer is yes. The band slices and dices up covers of songs from Motorhead, Pink Floyd, AC/DC and of course KISS with varying degrees of success. Their cover of Sabbath's "N.I.B." with it's basic rap bits and animal like noises works well. Their cover of "Another brick in the wall" manages to be fairly engaging with calculated pacing. However others like "Ace of spades" and "Highway Star" just had me thinking how much better those covers by Sodom and Metal Church were. I guess that means there was a certain novelty to their covers when they appeared amidst primarily studio material. Here it's like they have an EP full of likable covers and the other half sound rather bland. This re-issue contains a different version of "N.I.B" as a bonus track.

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