Sunday, August 16, 2009

Interview with Panzer Princess

Panzer Princess hail from Sweden and recently released "Oh, no it's Panzer Princess". I recently had the chance to talk to them and find out more.

Hello, please introduce the members of your band and what instrument you play.

Tank Hooker - Guitar, backin voc, 26 year old boy

Kelly Mourge - Vocals, Harmonica and other instruments we find funny to use on stage... 24 year old

Sir Alex - Bass, backin voc, 26 years old

Simon LaRue - Drums, 24 years old

-Who are your musical influences?
Of course old punk bands and garage rock..n..roll bands...

-Tell us some about the history of your band.
see there is the "history" we got so far

-You have a new album out called “Oh, no it’s Panzer Princess”. Tell us about it?
Its our debut album and its recorded late 2008 and released in spring 2009, with a release party in Stockholm, Sweden together with the Swedish bands Sister, Leaded Fuel, The Scams
The album was recorded really fast... and even thou Simon had a broken hand we manage to it.

-There was a long gap between you demo/E.P. and the new album. What was going on during that time?
Well... been playin a lot and was spending all the time we had doin shows, travelling and rehearsin for gigs... and our singer injured one of his lungs, Simon fucked up his leg and broke his hand so... it took quite some time...
But already started writing new stuff for the next album right now so next CD we release will probably not take this long time to get out... if we don't injure us again or something else happens

-Where did you come up with your band name?
All the coolest have two part names with something cool and hard and then something soft and sweet so...hehe

-You have a few shows coming up soon. Any big Summer touring plans?
No not right now... maybe and hopefully soon, but we do everything on our own and not that good on booking shows, cause we don't have the contacts
But we will probably make a few shows in Germany, Spain and also hopefully get back to UK again this fall.

-When people talk about hard rock/glam bands these days your country of Sweden often comes up first. There seem to be a lot of bands popping up in Sweden playing that type of music. Why do you think that is?
Well... there is a lot of bands coming from Sweden now that play all kinds of music really... and people has always always played this kinda music i guess, but its maybe just until recently that people dont have to be embarrassed doin this stuff...

-Who are some of the best bands playing in your area right now?
well apart from our CD we don't think a really good album has been released since like 1990...

-So what are you guys doing that sets or will set you apart from other bands playing this style of music?
Well we leave that up to the audience to decide... but one thing is maybe that a lot of the band playin right now from Sweden is influenced of and listen to a lot of the 80s glam bands... but we mostly listen to kinda the band that those 80s band were influenced from and listened to themselves...

-What are some of the most memorable shows that you have played so far?
Well we played support for Crashdiet in Sweden and that was really sick walking out on stage to that audience...
And we have a lot of good memories from Spain and UK to... but really all the shows we do it fun and memorable so...

-What should someone who comes to see you live expect?
A good show, energy and probably some drinkin...

-Is this the only project for you guys or is anyone currently working on any other projects?
No this is the only thing we do right now...


-What else do you hope to accomplish in 2009?
Hopefully everyone gets to loose their virginity this year... but but maybe we can just settle with more shows and that our music spreads to more people.

-Pick the band from each of the following pairs that you prefer and tell why you picked them.

Vain of Jenna or Crashdiet

Cinderella or Poison

Hanoi Rocks or Motley Crue

Aerosmith or KISS

-What are some of the best albums that you have heard so far this year?
Dropkick Murphys - Meanest of times

-Is there anything else that you would like to say about your band or your music?
Not that we think of right now

***Here are my reviews of their albums if you missed them the first time around.

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