Monday, August 17, 2009

The Killer Robots




This band's Myspace page says they are from Orlando, Florida. However they look and try to sound like they just flew in on their spacecraft from the outer reaches of some distant galaxy. Perhaps they saw too many low-budget sci-fi movies or maybe they just had overactive imaginations. Either way, they strapped on their costumes, assumed their robotic identities and penned "Space Trash", "Pleasurebot" and "Motorgod". The whole sci-fi theme not only finds it's way into their music, but it actually becomes the driving force. They sound like a cross between Gwar, Devo, Ramones, KISS and others only as filtered through their robotic minds and voices. They toss in lots of sound effects and spoken bits between songs and the credits refer to those parts as "Atomic sci-fi theater". Some of the parts are amusing and others are tedious. With their stage antics and consistent theme, they will likely be seen as a space age Gwar. They smack around at their instruments as they grind out some fairly simple punk rock that oftentimes gets covered in layers of distortion and effects. So the Killer Robots certainly are not that original, but they are fun and the pace is brisk enough that this disc was fairly enjoyable. Based on their sound and the pictures in the booklet I am sure that they come across even better on stage. This isn't an album I would want to hear all the time, but it's too much of the same thing and their novelty might wear thin after a while, but when taken in small doses I think the humor and steady attack of this album does enough to entertain. So lock up your motor oil, hide your spare gears and get ready to abosrb the cosmic energy of the killer robots.

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