Friday, August 21, 2009

Remembering Blitzkrieg


I believe that I bought Blitzkrieg's "Ready for action" on cassette around 85 or 86 at my local record store. Obviously I didn't buy this EP for the cover because it looks like some sixth grader knocked it out during their math class one day. It seems like this originally had a big sticker with the claim "produced by Ron Keel" which I guess carried some weight in 1985. The production is average, but good enough. There doesn't seem to be a lot of background information on these guys for some reason. They were from LA and wore a lot of spandex and hairspray. I guess that description fit a hundred or so bands back then. It's the music that set these guys apart. I have memories of playing this over and over back when I was in tenth grade or so. The heaviness level is similar to early Motley Crue as they head directly into the meat of the material. About two years later my tape snapped while being played. I almost forgot about these guys until a few years ago when I picked it up cheap on CD. Hesitantly I slipped it into my player thinking that perhaps it hadn't aged well. It certainly wasn't perfect, but it still sounded pretty good. They definitely had some real potential and it's a shame they didn't stick around long enough to knock out another album.


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Anonymous Martell said...

I picked this up on CD as well only a couple of years back and thought it was ok, not great but ok. They don't have any background because I don't think they did much really, released this and it was over.

9:41 AM  
Blogger Metal Mark said...

I think it's better than okay. Along with the likes of Witchkiller, Axtion and Vyper, Bliztkrieg were another mid-80's band where I really wished they had gotten a chance to do one more album because I think they were on to something.
Most sources say they formed in 1983 and this albums 1985 so they should have played some shows at some point during that time yet there is very little mention of them anywhere. I know there were a ton of bands pouring out at the time, but I thought there would be more. I interviewed Ron Keel once and I wished I asked him more about Blitzkrieg.

10:59 AM  

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