Saturday, January 16, 2010

Invection-Demented Perception



The thrash re-surgence or comeback or whatever you want to label it has been in full swing for some time. Like any revival there are bands that are worth hearing and some that are not. It was about ten seconds into Invection's opener "Cranial Abyss" for me to know that I was going to enjoy this EP. It was also instantly apparent that these guys love Slayer particularly around the time of "Reign in blood" and "South of heaven". There are a few cleaner moments that reminded me of early Testament as well. Okay, they are creating a lot new I aknowledge that. Much like Warbringer what they lack in originality they more than make-up for with sheer fury and energy. It's almost old school thrash that has been given a hyper make-over. They just rip in and roll with the screaming riffs in a chaotic charge. In fact during the first five tracks the only downtime is the short space between tracks. The closer "Controlled Insanity" is one song where they show some variation of pace. It begins with a winding passage although it still feels like they are a dog on it's leash pulling to get free and waiting to attack. Eventually they do attack, but the song as whole shows they are not just a one trick pony. No don't me wrong, the fast songs kill. Still it's good to see a little growth to show they be moving beyond just being a simple retro-thrash band. After hearing so many by the numbers thrash releases in recent years I am always glad to open my ears to a band who is going to bring all they can.

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