Saturday, May 22, 2010

Silent Fall-Otherwise

Pitch Black

France's Silent Fall know what they want to do and that is to play a style of power metal very much like Sonata Artica. They try hard to emulate that sound and at times they actually succeed. They have some talent and a plan, but The problem is the writing is severely lacking in the creativity department. The melodies are not memorable enough and that's a real killer for this style of music. Good power metal thrives on it and there just isn't enough to go around on "Otherwise". That's problem number one and problem two is the vocals. Soaring vocals are another trademark or fine power metal. Here the vocals are frequently flat and the range is mediocre at best. To be honest the music has to try to pick more of the slack than they should just because of the weak vocals. There are some decent moments even some splendid passages, but they lose my attention all too many times. This is also due to the legnth of the songs as they obivoulsy do not realize their limitations and try to plunge ahead. As a unit they are in over their heads by attempting this kind of music. They need some serious practice and maybe some help in the talent department to really make this work the next time around.

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