Wednesday, June 16, 2010




Invection roll out their third EP and it was less than a year that I heard 2009's Demented Perception. Only four tracks this time around, but even so you can instantly hear the progress that this band is making. It's deeply founded in the roots of 80's thrash with traces of Exodus, Slayer and Testament as prime sources. The influences may even be more obvious this time around, but Invection manage to pump some more power and energy into the equation. The results are a hyper form of thrash that adds in more speed and aggression, but still retains the killer riffs and the pounding heaviness that helps define the best bands of this genre. There are so many young bands emerging playing old style thrash, but so many of them just stay fixed to sounding exactly like their influences and they don't listeners enough of a reason to listen to them instead of the bands they are attempting to emulate. Not so with Invection as they take their influences and pull out what they like about the sound, but they are adding their own energy to it. I can slowly hear Invection beginning to define their own style. And as good as "Demented Perception" was it's even more obvious on "Derealization" that Invection are growing in confidence and that their songwriting is improving as well. If there is one area where the band could improve I would say maybe look at extending some of the songs. They have the ability to do longer songs so maybe it's just a matter of choice, but I think it's something they could do if they choose to. Only a few songs here, but every one is a heavyweight. Definitely worth checking out.

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