Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Creation's End-A New Beginning

Sensory Records 2010

A New Beginning is the debut album by Creation's End. Featuring one time Riot singer Mike Dimeo Creation's End sound could best be described as progressive power metal. The band keeps things interesting the whole way through even if the shortest song on here is just over 5 minutes! With epic guitar solos and interesting time changes the music never feels dull. Although we have yet again another band that owes a lot to Dream Theater unlike Forgotten Suns the band takes that influence and builds on it. Certainly more like a heavier version of Dream Theater than anything else Creation's End mixes in traditional metal solos ("Of Shadows And Flame" is pure power metal) and crunchy metal riffs ("Dissociate" is just plain heavy with a serious bass breakdown that slays!). "Still Life" is one of the more mellow tracks but even that is heavy rock. A New Beginning is aptly titled as this is a great beginning for Creation's End. Much more than just another progressive metal band Creation's End are creative and have a great mixture of harmony and heaviness. Highly Recommended!


Blogger Ray Van Horn, Jr. said...

After listening to the new Stratovarius today, I'll move this one up closer to the top of my promo backlog.

10:49 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

I have some Stratovarius and I'd say this is similar.

4:07 AM  

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