Monday, January 10, 2011

Dakrya-Crime Scene

Sensory Records 2010
Hailing from Athens,Greece Darkya are an experimental metal band who are as much about their theatrical live shows are they are their studio works. "Crime Scene" is the group's sophomore release and is a concept album about a twisted and dark carnival nightmare. Employing both female and male vocalists Darkya's music is a dazzling mixture of alternative, goth and progressive metal. At times I truly did feel like I had stepped beyond the curtain into a nightmarish underworld of freaks and misfits. A truly unique album "Crime Scene" was a blur of a listen. Like riding a roller coaster at night it was scary,thrilling and sadly over with before it had begun. Those with an open mind should check Dakrya out. They blew apart my preconceived notions of theatrical metal. I would certainly love to find out more about what makes this band tick. A fascinating experience.


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