Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Forgotten Suns-Revelation

Pathfinder Records 2010

From all accounts Forgotten Suns-Revelation is an EP of leftovers from the band's live set and writing sessions in which they explored their lighter side. Being that I am unfamiliar with the band's sound it should be noted I can only comment on the band's quality based upon a mere 5 songs. Describing their own sound as prog. rock/metal Forgotten Suns are certainly competent musicians. Revelation is well crafted and produced even if it isn't anything revolutionary in terms of delivery. Don't get me wrong this is powerful prog. metal in the vein of Dream Theater. "Phenotype" is a good mixture of melody and heavy rock and "Pinpoints" works but "The Hill" was just drivel. "The Betrayed" kept my interest for the most part but clocking in 14:47 it was just too long. It reminded me too much of a second rate Dream Theater which is obviously the band's biggest influence. I've heard from other people that their full length releases are more consistent. Perhaps that is the case. But if I wanted Dream Theater I would just listen to the real thing. Until Forgotten Suns carves their own niche though I'm afraid they will never break out beyond their native land of Portugal.


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