Monday, February 14, 2011

Hemoptysis-Misanthropic Slaughter


Tempe, Arizona's Hemoptysis return with their full length debut. The style isn't terribly far removed from what they doing on their 2009 EP "Who needs a shepherd". In fact two tracks from the EP "And the world dies" and "Shadow of death" are also on this album. Hemoptysis are old school thrash relying very much on German influences like Kreator and Sodom, but there are definite touches of classic style metal too. Tracks like Impending doom and Shadow of death both begin with simple yet solid riffs that remind me of Judas Priest before the band takes off. There are some winding passages and solos that remind me of Iron Maiden and perhaps even Mercyful Fate as well. Vocalist Masaki Murashita sounds quite a bit like Mille Petrozza of Kreator. The music as a whole benefits from the bands patience and their willingness to build the mood before exploding. The changes in style since their EP are subtle, but certainly noticeable and the changes are mainly in the writing. They are becoming stronger songwriters and they sure have the playing skills to back it up. So many bands today old style thrash settle for playing a very simplistic straight forward approach. Hemoptysis can certainly handle that style, but they go the extra mile instead and really give some meaty parts and far more change ups for the listeners to grab onto. They never settle for going in just one direction and that's why this album certainly more interesting than the bulk of material from younger thrash acts today. I do a few negatives though. The drumming seemed a bit ordinary at times, not off, but just seemed like there could have been more of a punch to it at times. The production is better than the EP for sure, but still seemed a little low in spots. Still check these guys out because they are with it and here's hoping some smart label gives them a chance too.



My review of their debut EP.

My 2009 interview with the band.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As you well know, I'm rooting for this band too! Just a great throwback to the days when Metal crushed everything around it and "mainstream" was running scared! Fine comparisons you used, btw.

- Stone

9:45 AM  

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