Sunday, February 13, 2011

Madlife-Angry sonnets for the soul


RBE/60 Cycle

On their third album LA based outfit Madlife offer up a platter of songs mostly guided by the aggressive vocals of frontman Angry Phill. Most of the songs get too the point quickly and in fact only one track goes past the four minute mark. The music alternates between heavy and sometimes they bring in some very poppy choruses. "Feeling alone" for example begins with a Prong type riff, but quickly works it way to into a catchy but more mellow chorus. "I think I'm dead spends a few seconds in a growling mode that has me thinking of Rob Zombie, but the melodies kick in and they take a slightly safer route. The album reminds some of late 90's music. They are certainly comfortable with their direction and there is no doubt they know how to crank out bouncing rhythms and create instantly catchy songs. However I they seem to bring their heaviest punch within the opening seconds of each song which is understandable, but many of the songs drop off from that heaviness level so quickly. That may help them get more airplay and be more accessible, but it left me feeling a bit empty. They handle the pounding bits so well that it's a shame they push in that direction more. As it is this a likable album that you'll be familiar with after one play.

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