Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Vicious Rumors-Razorback Killers

SPV/Steamhammer 2011

Vicious Rumors has been guitarist Geoff Thorpe's creative outlet for well over 25 years now. With more line up changes than you can shake a drum stick at though the group's music has never reached the level of other successful power metal acts like Blind Guardian, Helloween or even Primal Fear. That in and of itself is a shame too seeing as despite all the line up changes their albums have been consistently good and enjoyable slabs of heavy metal . I don't see Razorback Killers suddenly changing the group's popularity overnight or anything obviously. But, regardless this is a really straightforward and again, consistent album. Joining Thorpe this time around is the always excellent Brian Allen-vocals (Wild Dogs,Malice),Kiyoshi Morgan-Guitars,Stephen Goodwin - Bass (Aaron Pearson) and Larry Howe (Chastain, Aaron Pearson) - Drums. Razorback Killers was recorded at Trident Studios in Pacheco (California), and produced by Juan Urteaga(Exodus,Sadus,Testament) and Geoff Thorpe. Very up front and intense tracks like the heavy opener "Murderball" show that Vicious Rumors are always up for some good,clean speed metal fun. "Razorback Blade" also pushes the envelope into speed metal territory (actually it's almost thrash as assaulting as it is). "Blood Stained Sunday" and "Axe To Grind" I really enjoyed as well. Always technically sound Geoff Thorpe does a great job of keeping things sounding tight. "Let The Garden Burn" is straight up metal- no nonsense metal. Sometimes it's nice to get back to the basics and the band pulls it off. There were a few duds for me though. I didn't care much for "Black" or "Pearl Of Wisdom". And "All I Want Is You" felt like filler. Overall though as I said it's a solid enough release and should appease the group's fans.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brian Allen was never in Wilddogs and only did one show with Malice, his real band is Last Empire. Here is the link:

12:22 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

Sorry it has taken me awhile to respond I had to check some things out. Brian Allen was(is?)is Malice as a live vocalist and there was talk of him joining the band full time from what I had read when I did this review. He also played live with Wild Dogs and was considered a choice to sing for them as well. I never said he released any albums or what not with these bands I'm simply saying he has sung for them.

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