Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Fen & De Arma-Towards the Shores of the End

Nordvis 2011
Towards the Shores of the End is a split album featuring four tracks from Fen and three from De Arma. Starting off with Fen's "Soilbound" I was treated to what could best be described as atmospheric black metal meets post rock. Rather unique I must say. "Ageless Thenody" follows with it's swirling and dreary descent into bleakness before it ends with jazzy keys. "Towards the Shores of the End" echos in and out and wallows in more post rock before closing out with black metal shrills. "Beret (acoustic reprise)" finishes off Fen's contribution to the split in a trippy soft rock sort of way. De Arma's "Crimson Waters Ebbing The Shore" is dirty post rock. With it's fuzzy and washed out guitars it wouldn't be out of place on college radio. "Noemata" though features raspy black metal vocals over a bit more upbeat (and fast) rock sound. "From Horizon to Oblivion" is more in tune though with atmospheric black metal. A bit too drawn out for my taste it gets a tad boring by the end. It lacks any sort of transition and instead just drowns itself in generic noise. It was by far my least favorite listen on this split album. If I'm to understand correct Fen have been around for awhile whereas De Arma are just starting out. I thought both bands offered something new even if I couldn't see myself listening to this very often.


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