Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Made of hate-Pathogen



I listened to this album Poland's Made of hate four times before feeling like I could review it. Not because it was that outstanding, but because the volume and initial intensity had me hooked. However on many of the songs those sparks occur right at the beginning then most of the songs tend to lose their gloss as they go along. Also a number of tracks sound very similar to one another. They can shred, no doubt about that yet they frequently seem content to ride on one or two riffs. They know how to dig their teeth in and make an initial impact, but they lost my interest all too quickly. The vocals from Radek Polrolniczak were just alright. They left me feeling slightly empty. They frequently across as depending on lots of volume from the production, but they lacked much in the way of depth. Now I realize that he just switched to this position after their debut on which he played rhythms guitars, but he didn't help their efforts on this disc. Really this a slightly above average outing, but there just isn't enough going on that really impressed me.

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