Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pollution-Limited Promo Edition

Bologna Rock 2011
I might be repeating myself with this story (something I do all the time now that I'm older just ask my wife!) but when I was in high school I had to attend one of those anti-drugs presentations where they had a cover band come in and play for us. As the band preached about the evils of drugs and alcohol ( right off the bat you have to question how a bunch of guys in a rock band would be against partying but I digress) they butchered their way through covers of Metallica, Guns And Roses and Poison. Pollution are what I would imagine that cover band would have sounded like if they had played original music. That's not a good thing. However if a second rate, watered down Guns And Roses sounds like your thing then look no further than this Italian five piece. Find out more at the groups MySpace page below.


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