Monday, February 21, 2011

Nidingr-Wolf Father


It's been five years since the last album from Norway's Nidingr, but they roar back with their latest brutal assault. We get six songs of mythology themed black/death metal that's big on churning fury and there are even a few guitar melodies lodged in there as well during their speed picking attacks. Although the vocals are slightly less typical for the style because I can actually make out far more words than normal for this style. That's actually an asset for their overall sound. The drums are the typical tappa-tappa-tappa style that annoys the crap out of me because they don't allow for rhythm, heaviness or much of anything except flying forward with a steady, but paper thin sound. Four of the six songs are five minutes long so most of the tracks are very straight forward without a great deal of build-up. So this is an effort that's very raw and basic, but that works fairly well for Nidingr. Nothing new here, but slightly more stylish than others of this genre.

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