Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Southern Lord

Vancouver's Baptists features members of Sports and Ladyhawk and this is also the band's debut 7". This is just pure grindcore with no apologies. Don't expect melodies of well thought out solos, but instead it's just insane noise. Opener "Good Parenting" is a spitting snarling attack that will beat you senseless. Next up is "Farmed" which is only seconds longer, but actually feels much longer and isn't nearly as exciting because half through it just meanders around for a while before finding a direction to head into. "Bachelor Degree Burn" comes on at a much slower pace, but with massive pounding beats and a steady twisted guitar rhythm leading the attack. At 4 minutes and twenty-five seconds it's the longest track on the album, but also the best as all their anger and spirit come out. Last up is "Life Poser" which has a galloping drum beat with a warped guitar riff winding it's way here and too. Despite the contrast of sounds it makes perfect sense here and closes out a brief, but exciting disc. It's only about 12 minutes of music, but Baptists to establish themselves as a band to watch out for.

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