Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bang Tango-Ain't No Jive...Live! Limited Edition Re-release

Metal Mind 2011

"Ain't No Jive... Live!" is a live EP originally released in 1992. It was actually Bang Tango's second live material as the group had already released "Live Injection" in 1989. Right off the bat the thing that struck me about this EP is how much heavier their material is when played live.
"Dancin' On Coals" is just gritty and raw live. It's also faster and gives the band more of a metal sound. I've noticed this before in other hard rock/pop metal acts. I remember seeing a live show of Warrant (right around the time their debut was to released) and thinking to myself how cool it was to see another old fashioned metal act. When I heard the album I was disappointed with how toned down it was. In a nutshell this happened a lot with hard rock/ glam metal bands during the eighties. As soon as the label got a hold of them and gave them a "makeover" it took the edge from them and the rest is history. Fact is Bang Tango play with more intensity on this EP and shine in a live setting.. Best song has to be their cover of T.Rex's "2oth Century Boy" (the song is also a bonus track on the re-release of "Dancin' On Coals"). Sure the song has been covered by hundreds of others and isn't the most original choice. That said though it just flat out rocks. This EP is just a good live rock album. Metal Mind does another good job on the re-release. Again it is a limited edition gold disc. There isn't much of booklet with it though. I would have liked to have seen a few more live pictures with it. A minor complaint for sure. Otherwise a good portrait of Bang Tango in their natural element.


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