Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bang Tango-Psycho Cafe' Limited Edition Re-release

Metal Mind 2011

Originally released by MCA Records in 1989 Bang Tango's Psycho Cafe' spawned the band's MTV hit "Someone Like You". A big hit on Headbanger's Ball it introduced the world to the infectious groove of funk/glam metal act Bang Tango. At the end of 1980s there were scores of watered down Poison and Motley Crue clones. Bang Tango would have been just another forgotten cast off if it hadn't been for the band's funk take on hard rock. Wrapped up with their Guns and Roses vibe was a healthy dose of Red Hot Chilli Pepper's funk. From the opening of "Attack Of Life" there is enough swagger to make Mick Jagger smile. With it's huge hooks and slap bass (Kyle Kyle is a beast on the bass and plays with an abandonment that reminds me of Flea at times) it showcases a band who had no doubt they deserved to be on the stage with the big boys. "Someone Like You" was a hit for a reason. It's catchy and showcases the talents of vocalist Joe LeSte. At times he hits the screams that guys like Axl Rose and Sebastian Bach made famous. He also channels his inner Steven Tyler on the Aerosmith inspired "Wrap My Wings". "Breaking Up A Heart Of Stone" showcases the playing of guitarists Mark Knight and Kyle Stevens as well as drumming of Tigg Ketler. "Shotgun Man" and "Don't Stop Now" are infectious numbers with a sleeze metal appeal to them. The fact is Bang Tango were ahead of their time. 1989 was not ready for funk fueled Aerosmith. "Love Injection" is the New York Dolls with George Clinton. While Bang Tango did find enough fan's among the Aerosmith and G-N-R crowd their funk would have been a bit much for long haired white America of 1989 who were more into Warrant than Faith No More. Had they been more universally accepted maybe things would have worked out better for them. Who knows for sure. One thing is for sure though the album had it's fair share of good rock numbers. "Just For You" is an acoustic rock number that has a Cinderella blues feeling to it. It's a nice diversion from the group's funk and should have been a bigger hit. That funk though is in full swing on the gritty "Do What Your Told". "Sweet Little Sister" closes things out with a Rolling Stones moment before LeSte does his best Axl Rose snarl and reminds you that Bang Tango were a hard rock group at their core. It's a dirty little rocker and a great choice to end the album.Psycho Cafe' deserved a good re-release and Metal Mind delivered the goods. This new digipak edition, limited to numbered 2000 copies has a nice booklet inside with lyrics and band pictures. It's also a gold disc which in and of itself is cool. Honestly it sounds as good (and fresh) as it did the first time around for me. As it is a limited edition I would strongly suggest fan's who have been looking for this great album on disc snag a copy as soon as it is released in March. I have a strong feeling it will be sold out in a very short amount of time.


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I like this album a lot too. A top ten album of 1989 for me(a good year for music).

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