Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cauldron-Burning Fortune

Full-length, Earache Records 2011

In what has to go down as one of the most frustrating moments in promo history for me so far Earache Records provided Mark and I with a "beeped" copy of Burning Fortune. While I have stated in the past that curse filled rants get tiring after awhile I am against censorship in any shape or form especially when it comes to music. Trying to listen to an album with LOUD beeps in it is frustrating and frankly rather irritating. Just a future head's up for bands or labels looking to have their material listened to here- PLEASE submit it as is curse words and all. It doesn't matter so much to me as I listen to promos either in an empty house, the car or on my Ipod . Let me be the one to censor what is best for my children's ears! Now that I'm done with my little rant Cauldron's follow up to "Chained to the Night" is just balls to the wall heavy metal! This three piece band from up north had already won me over with their song "Chained Up In Chains" from the "Heavy Metal Killers" compilation. As part of the NWOTHM (new wave of traditional heavy metal) movement these lads play it all out on the killer opener "All Or Nothing". "Miss You To Death" has that 80's embrace all over it. Mixing the best elements of 80's metal and NWOBHM in their sound Cauldron never take themselves too seriously. "Frozen In Fire" and "Serpent Sorceress" are cheese fests for sure. But, despite my gout I really do love cheese and this variety of cheese I'll eat by the handful any day! "Tears Have Come" is more of a Dokken like emotional love rock number which sounds odd at first until you hear how well they pull it off (from reading other reviews I seem to be in the minority about this track but since when do I care about what other people think?). "I Confess" is a Halloween cover and the band make it their own. "Rapid City / Unchained Assault" is just that-an assault. A lovely heavy metal assault. "Queen Of Fire" is probably my favorite cut. The guitar playing of Ian Chains really shines on the track which sounds for the world like a long lost classic metal song. "Breaking Through" isn't anything to write home to Mom about honestly and neither is "Taken By Desire". They are not horrible just so-so. The limited edition album though comes with the bonus track "Serpent Sorceress" and allows "Burning Fortune" to end on a high note. I know there are people conflicted about how to take Cauldron. Are they too retro for their own good? They do borrow styles from Motley Crue,Accept, Ratt, Scorpians and Riot without directly ever sounding like any of the above. The music is a throwback. It's meant to be that way just like it is meant to be fun and an homage. Personally I find they have enough "kick" to sound fresh. It just depends on where you stand with it. Either way this is a welcome follow up for the guys and a great spin for your everyday metal fan. I liked it so much in fact that I shelled out for a regular version to add to my collection!


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