Monday, February 21, 2011

Bang Tango-Dancin' On Coals 2011 Limited Edition Re-Release

Metal Mind 2011 Re-Release

In 1991 Blood Sugar Sex Magik was a guitly pleasure of mine. Sure I loved my Slayer and Metallica. I loved Guns, Motley and Ratt as well. Somewhere though inside this white boy loved his funk. I had the Chilli Peppers and Faith No More. I had 24/7 Spyz. Had I known though that Dancin' With Coals was more funk than rock I could very easily have had another favorite. Yes, it isn't all funk going on. "Midnight Struck" is an underrated gem of a balled. So is "Last Kiss". The two songs have more in common with Faster Pussy Cat than 24/7 Spyz. I have heard many people complain that the ballads slow down what would otherwise be one hell of a party album. I don't agree. "Midnight Stuck" for example is nothing short of hair metal greatness. I really don't understand how it didn't get more airplay on rock radio back in the day. Anyway, back to the funk. All I can say is man this CD kicks. "Soul To Soul" opens and honestly it was fun watching my kids dance around the house to this hit. "United And True" is a smooth little rocker. "Emotion In Gear" is probably the one misstep in my mind. It's either not enough hard rock or not enough funk. It also can't decide if it wants to be a slow love loss song or a harder hitting rock number. It frankly just sounds odd. "I'm In Love" though is a fun funk rock love jam. It probably helps if you've felt that rush that being in love brings. "Big Line" is Chilli Peppers through and through. The title track "Dancing On Coals" is Faster Pussycat if Faster Pussycat dug funk. "My Saltine" adds some horns to the house party. "Dressed Up Vamp" was a hit the first time around and honestly still sounds good. "Cactus Juice" is a sleezy little number and closes of the regular album in an upbeat mood. The re-release tacks on the bonus cuts "20th Century Boy" and "Futurama (live)". Both are great cuts. Considering the fact that there have been other bands who have attempted to merge funk and hard rock (Electric Boys,Mindfunk)
I have to say Bang Tango pulled it off the best. The fact is they were just a solid outfit and obviously had a lot of fun doing what they did. Metal Mind offers up another limited edition (only 2000 discs) gold CD with a nice booklet filled with lyrics and pictures. Certain to sell out it is a welcome addition to my CD collection.


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Missed out on this the first time, but am looking forward to Metal Mind sending it on over. BT were like a flash in the pan, not that they were a bad band at all. I thought they were great, but they ended up getting in favor with the late 80s/early 90s metal scene and then poof, bye

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