Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birth A.D.-Stillbirth of a nation


This is a like trip back to about 1984-85 as Birth A.D. sound the kind of hardcore/early crossover that bands like D.R.I and C.O.C. were cranking out. In fact this Austin, Texas based band sound a lot like D.R.I did back then only with far better production values. Although I don't think that good production values is always a good thing for hardcore. The songs are short with most being a minute or two. The band are extremely tight although the music is very basic. There is enough of a metal edge present too say not far off from early Nuclear Assault. The lyrics are extremely negative which also make me think again of early D.R.I as well. You know the kind of lyrics where they complain a lot, but offer no solutions. So they have a very limited scope as far as lyrics go, but they are okay overall in that department. The music and vocals are what had me because it's so alot like the quick, but coherant hardcore bursts that I loved twenty some years ago. Much like retro-thrash bands today these guys are not doing anything new, but they are quite good at what they are doing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sweet! Their singer and his wife are good friends of mine. I'll pass the review along.

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