Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Movie Review-Endgame

Dir.Joe D'Amato

Released in 1983 Endgame was one of many post-apocalyptic films to appear in the wake of The Road Warrior's success. This Italian film was directed, produced and co-written by Joe D'Amato and is made up of numerous actors that were in other PA (post-apocalyptic) films before and after this enjoyable B-movie. Of course it is also a fact that a good chunk of the actors and crew (including leading lady Laura Gemser) were in the porn business. But what would Italian cinema be without these soft-core sex film connections? It certainly wouldn't be as much fun or as interesting right? Now enough about the stars/producers of this little golden oldie from our friends as TwistedAnger and lets get to the meat of the matter. What sets this one apart from your run of the mill PA films is the reality TV bit. Sure the set-up is familiar to those of us that love PA films. It's the year 2025 and a nuclear holocaust has left much of the world a barren wasteland. You know the drill by now. Society has broken down, the roads are a nightmare filled with all sorts of mutants and madmen, food and water are scarce and society (what little is left of it) is behind the walls of a run-down New York City. What makes this New York different from the one we see today? Not much from what I can tell. Anyway, the city is run by a Big Brother like network. Amongst the survivors are telepathic mutants and of course the Endgame players. In order to keep the people happy (since apparently welfare is no more) the reality television program Endgame was produced. Taking it's cue from The Running Man the Endgame hunters and gladiators fight to the death for the enjoyment of the general public. Who needs public assistance when you can just watch people fight to the death on TV? Now, our friend Cliver plays the one and only Endgame veteran Ron Shannon. His goal (other than ratings-it is sweeps after all!) is to take a group of mutants across the wasteland. On his trail is Shannon's one time friend and alley Karnak (George Eastman). Along the way he'll battle not only other gladiators, but he'll encounter mutant ape and fish people, blind monks, corrupt police and loads of other PA kitchen sink ideas. The fact is Joe D'Amato throws anything and everything in Endgame just hoping something will stick. Obviously it doesn't always work, but man if it isn't fun along the way. Endgame is bad with a capital B no doubt. This is the sort of film that defies logic and needs at least a six pack in order to make any sense. This is the stuff bad movie dreams are made of. Thankfully TwistedAnger has allowed us the opportunity to enjoy this turkey in all it's glory. The picture is so-so obviously since this was a no budget production. It's grainy feel though goes along with the PA vibe. I can't say it's a must see because it's flaws are many and obvious. Yet if you love PA films like I do this one is worth tracking down. It's got all the PA bases covered and is nothing if not fun. You can grab your own copy at TwistedAnger.



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