Monday, September 26, 2011

Ear Danger-Full Blast At Last


Dutch heavy metal band Ear Danger was formed in 1981. By 1982 they would issue their first recording, a four-track release entitled "Demo 1". Two more demos followed in 1983 and in 1984 they were part of a four-way split with Atomic Rock, Scum and Anwar called "Metal Power II". The band's last demo, "Shock & Awe", was (by all accounts) well received (as were all the demos and their appearance on the split) and yet Ear Danger was never able to secure the services of a proper label contract. It certainly wasn't for lack of trying or (for that matter) lack of talent. Ear Danger's brand of heavy metal was well written, played and extremely potent. It was traditional heavy metal of the highest from. And above all else it was fun! So, what happened to this Dutch act that they are just now releasing a proper full-length recording? Perhaps part of the problem might have been that Ear Danger was plagued by an ever changing lineup. For whatever reason they were never able to nail down that one perfect line-up that might have put them over the top. Even though the Netherlands had produced quite the lot in regards to good heavy metal (off hand bands that come to mind are Hammerhawk, Dark Wizard, Bodine, Angus, Highway Chile, Allied Forces and Martyr), one of their best in Ear Danger remained unsigned and sadly mostly unknown. Hopefully this new LP will show the masses why Ear Danger did and still does deserves more recognition. For those in the know Ear Danger were Dutch heavy metal legends so this album is long overdue! This vinyl only release contains 9 tracks of enjoyable heavy metal in it's most pure of forms. If memory serves me correct it is limited to just 300 copies and the material in question is collected from their demo period as well as brand new material recorded just for "Full Blast At Last". As a sign of just how good this band is the new material blends together nicely with the older material giving "Full Blast At Last" this absolutely perfect flow. For those who are curious here is how the album breaks down, track by glorious track, and I must give special thanks to my friend Strappado for providing me with all the proper information needed so that we can all see where everything fits in the grand scheme of things.

1. Belzeebubs Friend (originally on the Demo #2, 1982)
2. Assassin (originally on Shock & Awe, Demo 2007)
3. The Battle (not on any other recordings)
4. Thousand Days In Sodom (originally on Demo #3, 1983)
5. Hellish Wings (originally on Shock & Awe, Demo 2007)
6. Children of the Sun (not on any other recordings)
7. Burn at the Stake (not on any other recordings)
8. King of the Midnight Fire (originally on Metal Power II, Split EP 1984)
9. Shock & Awe (not on any other recordings)

With the line-up of Ivo Metz (guitar), Leon Lohmann (guitar/vocals), Dick Vijgen (drums) and Matt Verschoor (bass/backing vocals) perhaps now Ear Danger can finally get the proper press and respect they duly deserve. If there is a down moment to be found in "Full Blast At Last" it is the limited quantity. While I can understand how the cost of producing CDs verses the actual profit to be made from sales is slim the fact remains that here is an album that should be heard by more people. This one is every bit as good as the new releases by Hell and Bitches Sin if not better! At only 300 copies though it is sure to sell out and then how will a new generation of heavy metal fans get a chance to listen to this killer classic? Maybe with luck it will eventually be re-issued to CD or offered as a digital download. In the meantime if you want to own a piece of heavy metal history in the making then I'd highly urge you to pick this one up a.s.a.p! "Full Blast At Last" is another album of the year contender. Yes, it is that damn good! Even if it does sell out (and frankly I'm sure it will) and they don't re-release it then let's at least hope that "Full Blast At Last" encourages some label to pick up Ear Danger so we can get more new material from them. How great that would be! Find out more about the band and how you can pick up this killer heavy metal album at the link below.


It turns out that "Full Blast At Last" was released on CD and is now available as a digital download! May the gods of metal be praised!!!!!


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