Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Gloominous Doom-Cosmic Super Ghoul


Let's the band name has the word doom in it, but the cover seems to imply some of skate punk theme. However if you went by either of those to try and judge what this band would sound like you would be wrong. Gloominous Doom are basicly a thrash band only they blend in other classic metal influences which is not surprising. What is surprising is that they do blend in some splash of surf music. Now surf music combined with punk has been done with some splendid results over the last say 15 years or so. However metal and surf don't seem to meet nearly as often. So are Gloominous Doom any good? Well, yes and no. The thrash parts vary from typical to decent. What makes the music of any interest is the surf parts. On a song or two the different styles just don't work together primarily because they done in such a flat manner because the stick with basic sounds and they don't gel together. However on the majority of tracks the parts work at least well enough to show some real potential. I can definitely say that the album got better as it went along. Unfortunately the vocals are what really limits this band. The vocals are the growling cookie monster variety with very little change in pitch or style. So while the music tries to offer up a multi-dimensional sound with different influences the vocals stay very one dimensional. It's a shame I would get into the music and then the vocals would kick and I could feel my interest fading. There is some promise to this band, but a lot of work to be done as well.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is one super cool album cover of a "super ghoul" \m/

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