Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Single Bullet Theory-IV

Goomba Music

Formed in the year 2000 (by onetime Pissing Razor's guitarist Matt DiFabio) the band's name comes from the theory of a single bullet used to kill John F. Kennedy. Originally the band (musically at least) were in the same category as Pantera or Exhorder. Over time though they have evolved picking up new tricks and twisting their version of metal into the hideous form we hear today. With new members John Ruszin III (guitar), Jeff Kalber (bass) and Acacio Carvalho (drums) IV finds Single Bullet Theory flexing their creative muscles even more by bringing in elements from black metal, classic heavy metal and European power metal. As odd as that all might sound it works on many levels allowing Single Bullet Theory to really experiment. The creativity on display here flows in and out giving off this ever changing musical landscape and allows the band to play at such a high level that IV takes on an epic feel at moments. If there is a draw back to be found it is in the production which seems thin at times and rough at others. In no way does it distract from the overall enjoyment of IV. From the brutal onslaught of opener "Diabolical" on through track after track this record is not only quite diverse as I've mentioned but also quite simply finely crafted.“Auctioneer of Souls” for example boasts that it contains "guitar solos from twenty of metal‟s finest axe-men and is destined to become a heavy metal classic" and one probably shouldn't doubt it. The first half of the album with cuts "What Have I", "The Wake of Betrayal" and "Hands of the Wicked" provides killer cut after killer cut but the album gets better onward. "Letting Go" for one mixes hardcore vocals and riffs with a power metal edge and punk rock like drumming. How can you not get down to that? This album is just a neat reminder of how interesting heavy metal can be when you choose to just let go of your inhibitions and lay down wicked jams. As a bonus the album also contains tracks from previous sessions, including a guest performance from Matt Thompson (of King Diamond fame) on a cool cover of Death’s “Spirit Crusher. It seems fitting as you can hear a lot of Death's influence on the band. Track closer "The Hurt That Never Ends" has a gritty feel to it. Insane aggro-thrash metal in the realm of Pantera it is a heavy and wicked way to end things. Single Bullet Theory have been around now for sometime. Who knows if this will finally be the album to push them to the top but it is a good start.


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