Monday, October 17, 2011

Dark Forest-Dawn of infinity

Cruz Del Sur

I never heard of these guys before and from the name was at first expecting some black metal band. Not the case as their British band draw from classic 80's metal influences. They have knocked out three EPs and Dawn of infinity is their second full length effort. The influences include Iron Maiden, early Helloween, Judas priest, Gamma Ray, Running Wild and others. They also remind me of current bands with similar influence like Twisted Tower Dire. Only where Twisted Tower Dire are and on the A list for retro-classic metal bands, Dark Forest would be more of a B- band. The music is very active and fans of constantly moving riffs will probably be delighted as most of the songs revolve around just that kind of sound. Tracks like "Seize the day" and "The stars my destination" show the bands ability to crank out some tight fisted real metal and just run with it. They do a fine job of staying focused and there are no filler tracks on this one. My only real complaint other than lack of originality is the vocals. The vocals are decent, completely in tune but somehow they never really push beyond just the expected. They are perfectly alright, but nothing special and that label could define this band as a whole. I listen to them and I like them yet a month from now I may not remember them. They are above average, but there are far better and more exciting bands out there doing this style better.

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