Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Fright Fest-Friday the 13th part VI: Jason lives


Now I will right away let it be known that I am much more of a fan of traditional monsters like vampires (not of the Twilight variety), mummies and werewolves than I am of the slasher type films. I definitely tend to like horror movies from the 30's through the early seventies more than films the last thirty to thirty-five years. Despite my preference I still have seen my share of films from more recent years.

Now I liked the first three Friday the 13th films well enough. Then the forth and fifth segments were where the series became totally predictable even dull. So in 1986 when the sixth film came out all fans should have been expecting more of the same. Part VI delivers many of the typical elements of the previous films, but there is enough here to make it the only standout of the later FT13th films. As you can expect from the title Jason rises from the dead and goes about killing of course. That's not all of it though. Most of the other films in the series are just pure slasher although there are some vague mystery elements in the first film. Part VI however reminds me some of Universal's Frankenstein films. I know some old time purists are gasping at me comparing a sequel slasher film to a classic monster movie. However Jason's resurrection early on had me thinking of Frankenstein as he slowly comes back to life and immediately begins terrifying the locals. So eventually he goes on a slashing spree, but this time around I found myself liking some of the characters/victims. There is some effort made to make you care about a few characters which rarely happens in any of these films.

Favorite part-I love the RV crash and the brief scene with Jason standing on top of it while flames are shooting up is quite impressive. The Alice Cooper songs help as well.

Why you should see this film-As far as 80's slasher films go it's quite decent.

If you've seen it before then you should watch it again because-One of the few films in it's series that really holds up well under repeated viewings.

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Blogger Andy said...

I actually have the Friday the 13th box set Mark as well as the stand alone films (Freddy vs. Jason, Jason Goes To Hell, the new Friday the 13th). Huge fan of the slasher genre and since it is October I will be rolling out some Friday the 13th films and Halloween 1/2 to watch. I agree about the RV scene. Cooper's song makes that moment!

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