Saturday, October 08, 2011

Skeletonwitch-Forever Abomination


I remember a few years ago when I heard this band on their "Beyond the Permafrost" album. They had previously knocked out an LP and an EP, but this was my first time hearing them. I was immediately impressed with their approach which combined old style thrash primarily German influences and early death metal as well. Two years ago they followed it up with "Breathing the fire" which saw them working ahead as songwriters by taking more control and putting in a bit more melodies here and there. If you thought that was something wait until you here the new release. "Forever abominations" hears the band moving ahead and maturing even more. While the previous albums showed some raw potential you could say they are now moving into their own. I want to touch on a few of the standout tracks. "Erased and forgotten" is a storm of all out destruction and really shows more confidence than this band has had before. "Rejoice in misery" resurrects a late 80's style thrash attack. "Shredding sacred flesh" is a massive destroyer with venomous growls leading the way. "My skin of deceit" mixes in swirling melodies with a breakneck pace and the end results are stunning.

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Blogger Andy said...

Wow, killer review for this killer album!

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