Wednesday, October 05, 2011

October Fright Fest-Planet of the vampires


Made by legendary director Mario Bava, Planet of the vampires isn't as much a defining type of movie like "Black Sunday" nor is it the influential film that "Blood and black lace" was and and it's not as much as "Danger Diabolik". However it's a horror film set in space and it's a darn good one. Now the monsters here aren't real vampires because they are more like zombies, but not of the flesh eating variety. They still manage to be pretty spooky though. A spaceship goes to check on another ship that has landed on a remote planet believing the crew may be hurt or worse. When they land they find members of the first ship and think all is fine, but then odd things begin to happen as the realization that the crew of the first ship are not what they appear to be. Because it's a Bava film it looks great for the time with his trademark candy colored scenery. The plot isn't totally fleshed out, but it's interesting enough. Definitely worth checking out.

Favorite part-There are numerous eerie scenes this film when people are out on the planet, but I would have to go with the ending as my favorite part. Not going to spoil it for you, but I felt the ending worked very well.

Why you should see this film-It was an influence on Ridley Scott's Alien. Even thought the monster is of a different variety this film builds up the paranoia and being alone aspect of space. There is no doubt that this film has had some impact of other films over the years.

If you've seen it before then you should watch it again because-It's a great looking film and it manages to build up the suspense reasonably well.


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