Tuesday, October 04, 2011

October Fright Fest-Horror Express

For my first October Fright Fest film I'm going to dust of 1972's Spanish horror movie Horror Express (also known as Pánico en el Transiberiano/Panic on the Trans-Siberian Express) starring Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas.

Brief description-

An anthropologist (Professor Alexander Saxton) is returning to Europe via the Trans-Siberian Railway. Along for the ride is the frozen remains of a humanoid creature which he assumes is some sort of missing link. Turns out it is a formless alien creature that just high jacked the body of some lower life form with the sole purpose of conquering Earth. Along the way people are killed and hilarity ensues. You've got an alien creature who could be mistaken for The Thing (the original black and white version), pseudo zombies and a mad monk who thinks the creature is Satan. Good times are had by all.

Favorite part-

I'm a zombie guy first and foremost so my favorite scene has to be the hordes of infected victims making their way through the train slowly. For a movie that is often high on the cheese factor and cheaply made this one scene is effective. It is highly creepy and is easily one of my all time favorite living dead movie moments.

Why you should see this film-

Any movie that has Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing and Telly Savalas in it gets high marks anyway but when you add zombies, aliens and made monks well now your talking!

If you've seen it before then you should watch it again because-

It certainly has an old charm to it and makes effective use of the settling. Having everything confined to just the train gives things a feeling of claustrophobia.


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Love this movie. I have a movie poster for it.

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