Thursday, September 29, 2011

Giant Squid-Cenotes

Translation Lost

San Francisco based post metal act Giant Squid's latest offering is a five track EP. Even though it is an EP it still runs around 35 minutes. One of the aspects of Giant Squid's music that makes them a little different is the use of the cello. Cellist Jackie Perez Gratz (also of Grayceon) frequently gets some chances to lead the melodies.This may seem like an odd concept at first, but Giant Squid not only make it work but have the instruments working off each others. The opener Tongue Stones is a fine example of all of the band members contributing in this massive assault. Mating scars is far more subtle and take real patience, but it's a strongly constucted track with plenty of interesting moments. Snakehead is a true monster with sick riffs and rolling melodies. Figura Serpentinata is rather low key comapared to the other songs. Perhaps the under four minute time limit has something to do with that. It still has a deep riding melody that grab your focus right away. The title track wraps up the album in incredible fashion. The vocals have a mellow quality yet they race along with the surging beats. It's an odd approach perhaps yet it takes just a few seconds for it to work it's magic. Probably my favorite track. Definitely an EP worth checking out.

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