Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cyco Miko-The Mad Mad Muir Musical Tour

Suicidal Records

In 1983 Suicidal Tendencies released their debut album and in no short time they managed to gain both critical response and immense controversy. One of the greatest debut albums of all time it put a hardcore band from L.A. on every one's radar. We were all waiting to see what they would do next. Over the course of several albums they went from hardcore/metal to thrash and then before anyone knew it Mike Muir changed course and gave the world Infectious Grooves. Nothing ever touched that self-titled album for me and while some people embraced the change it seemed like some rage was lost along the way. Yes, Infectious Grooves proved to be popular with some. However there were others (like yours truly) that cringed at the idea of another funk rock/metal band. Well, over time Mike Muir has kept both bands going in addition to starting a solo career. This new album features new, original and previously unreleased tracks from Infectious Grooves and Cyco Miko. Some of the obvious Cyco Miko sounds a little like lite Suicidal Tendencies which isn't bad. With guest appearances from Robert Trujillo (ex-Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica), Fletcher Dragge (Pennywise) and Brooks Wackerman the music is interesting at times. "Alone" for example has a beautiful arrangement with (if I'm not mistaken) Spanish guitar. And the opening number "MMM" is tight electrified rock/metal. "Slightly" sounds like Black Sabbath worship mixed with electronic drums. These moments were interesting. For me the problem was the Infectious Grooves numbers. While at times they were decent funk and slightly enjoyable there were other times (most of the time really) when it made me remember why I stopped listening to bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It just blurs together and like fingers on a chalk board gets annoying quick. So, if your like me and those first 4 or so studio albums by Suicidal Tendencies were good outlets for rage then you'll most likely find this one a chore. Infectious Grooves fans though will smoke this up like a crack addiction because it is prime funk. As an end note is it too much to ask Mike Muir to get the old Suicidal band back together one last time? I'll even settle for 2nd generation Rocky George and company. Now more than ever the world needs old school Suicidal Tendencies as everything is crumbling around us as we speak.


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