Monday, September 26, 2011

Evergaze Eternity-Uninvolved

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“Uninvolved” is the debut album for Gothic Metal project Evergaze Eternity.
The band is made up of two members with Giovanni (keyboards) and Valeria (vocals). This is a female fronted gothic metal with some alternative, doom and electronic rock mixed in. Some times I come across an album that works on one level, but doesn't totally work as a whole due to the lack of another element that is very much needed. That may sound confusing and you may be thinking "come on, Metal Mark either it's good or it's not". Let me see if I can narrow it down more. Musical skills and the ability to create and blend different sounds and styles is something this band achieves quickly. I can't fault them on a technical level. The playing is tight and frequently to the point. What they is a enough punch to sustain the music. I understand a subtle approach and that work. However with this album it's like there's all this fabric spread out waiting to work, but they don't have the skill to complete the songs and make you really notice it. Instead what I felt left with was some nice music that I got bored of before the running time of almost every song. Diehard gothic metal fans may be accepting of it, but for me it lacked enough force to really keep my interest.

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