Monday, September 26, 2011


Southern Lord

Swedens Craft return with their first release since 2005's Fuck The Universe.
After a brief intro the track "Serpent soul" explodes with swirling riffs and deep tones. I was overwhelmed and impressed byt the mass of sound. "Cone resonance of doom" begins with an attack of noise and slows down to an almost subtle march. Yet both parts are impressive. "The ground surrenders" is a more traditional style track that roars ahead gull steam. "Succumb to sin" starts with a sick riff and never lets up. Although the vocals are used sparingly they are still very effective."Leaving the corporal shade" is a thick crawling monster that slowly makes it way along.
"I want to commit murder" emerges with a flurry of bent riffs and a deep thudding rhythm."Bring on the clouds" trods along with the riffs slowly being squeezed out
The title track wraps up the album with a deep sound like a tired army marching on the their last battle. Craft are simply are masters of sound on this album because they mold, twist and command their music on every track. Definitely an album that took a few plays for me to really absorb it all, but it was worth it.

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