Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Iron Lamb-The Original Sin


Let's see here you have a Swedish band that features metal veterans Johan Wallin (General Surgery, Scurvy, Bombstrike, ex-Repugnant), Grga Lindström (ex-Repugnant), Thomas Daun (Dismember, ex-Repugnant, ex-Insision) and Daniel Ekeroth (Tyrant, ex-Insision, ex-Dellamorte, author of Swedish Death Metal) within it's ranks. A press release from the band claims that they are a 'bastard son of early Motorhead and G.G. Allin" and the band even covers "Poison" by Motorhead (off of their 1979 album "Bomber"). If that isn't enough hint then how about song titles like "Dubious Preacher", "I Don't Like You" and "I Don't Wanna Be Like You"? Sure enough this is gritty punk rock and roll here. Imagine taking parts of early Motorhead, early Dead Boys, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Iggy Pop, early Descendants, early Rancid and early Bad Religion and mixing the whole ugly mess in a keg of the cheapest beer you can find. Iron Lamb is what you would come up with. Now, "early" being the common word there as that is obviously what Iron Lamb aim for. They want that gritty, sweaty garage rock that was heard everywhere in the early eighties. Let me tell you they do capture that vibe while at the same time sounding modern enough to draw in today's so called "punk" listeners. This is 10 tracks of old school punk rock/metal that while not groundbreaking is at least a crap load better than most of what passes for "punk rock" these days!


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