Monday, October 03, 2011

October Fright Fest-Psychomania


Andy and I both like horror movies so in October we will be knocking out a few brief
reviews of some that we like. So I'll kick things off with one messed up movie.

Brief description-
A member of a local motorcycle gang makes a deal to be immortal provided he gets all the other members of the gang to kill themselves so they can all come back and be immortal too. Now you have to keep in mind that is a small budget British horror film. When the motorcycle gang "menaces" the locals it means they knock over bread carts and chase away women pushing their strollers. The occult part of this movie involves a frog cult of some sort.

Favorite part-This film is high in the cheese department. It's not that scary, the effects are limited and the acting is well what it is. Still it's pure 70's cheese that just plunges ahead with it's ludicrous concept and manages to keep my attention every time I watch it. Which to date has probably been at least 25 times. If I had to choose just one part I'd go with the grocery store rampage at the end. It just defines all that is silly and wonderful about this film.

Why you should see this film-
If the above isn't enough then I don't what else to say. Seriously it's a dark comedy of sorts and is very much a 70's film. Really it's just a lot of fun.

If you've seent it before then you should watch it again because-
To me it never gets old and never fails to make me smile every time I watch it.

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