Monday, October 03, 2011

A Band of Orcs-Wyrd of the Winter Wolf Single

Itchy Metal Entertainment

There is no denying the vast improvement from A Band of Orcs' debut EP,
Warchiefs of the Apocalypse to their new single. The songwriting is more well-rounded and the band as a whole sounds tighter. It is hard to pin point everything that has improved it is just that all around A Bands of Orcs sounds less like a death/thrash Gwar and more like a band coming into their own. If it wasn't for the costumes (which so many see as a rip off of Gwar) A Band of Orcs would certainly be viewed more highly thanks to this new single. It's interesting to hear some black metal move into the mix but mostly this is high octane death/thrash with some power metal undertones. Mostly it is in the guitar solos where it is most evident that A Band of Orcs is looking to make their music more interesting. It seems as if they have really concentrated on adding new levels of creativity to their sound. Hopefully this new sound will carry on over to their next full-length because Wyrd of the Winter Wolf is so far improved it's almost like a new band.


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