Friday, September 30, 2011


Supernatural Cat

Italy's one and only avant-garde/post-metal/ experimental stoner metal power trio Morkobot certainly march to the beat of their own drummer. This highly unusual band (no doubt taking their name from the idea of a robotic Mork from "Mork And Mindy" LOL) is giving us their forth full-length album of what they describe as "getal". An interesting description of their sound for sure. This new album, "Morbo" followings in the footsteps of the albums "Morkobot", "Mostro" and "Morto". As mentioned they are a three-piece band made up of Lin - Bass, Lan - Bass (Viscera///, Klown) and Len - Drums. That's right no guitar to be found anywhere on this album although Morkobot seem to get by just fine thank you very much. While the whole thing comes of as one long experimental jam session these three certainly do have their own style. Almost metallic in nature the music on "Morbo" is straightforward, heavy and made all the more interesting without a hint of vocals. I learned a long time ago that bands do not need to be confined to just guitar, bass and drums. We've seen plenty of bands play without bass players (hello Doors!) and sometimes two bass players/one guitar but rarely do you see just two bassists and a drummer. It makes you wonder why after hearing Morkobot. It isn't like they don't sound good and offer a lot of mixed emotions even without someone slinging an ax. They do and then some. I'd argue a band like this would not be anywhere as effective with a guitar player on board. If your in the mood for something a little off the beaten path try this album out. Morkobot could just be the ticket for those tired of the normal run of the mill metal bands and looking for something to scratch that creative nerve.


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