Friday, September 30, 2011

French Metal Friday: High Power

Devil's Records

Formed in 1977 High Power were a French heavy metal band who would release a stellar debut album and then seemingly implode. Released in 1983 High Power's s/t full-length debut put them in the spotlight with other French bands of the day. Along with Blaspheme and Sortilege this Judas Priest inspired band had the makings of legends. High Power (the album) is incredible heavy metal. The only draw back this album has is the production that sounds very 80s in nature. While not bad it does make the album feel slightly old. If you can look past that small point then what you have on display here is a stunning heavy metal release. Lead by the powerful voice of Patrick Malbos the band also featured heavy riffs & amazing solos courteous of guitarists Thierry Sorondo and Eric Pouey and and a rythm section (Jean Michel Dietsch - bass and Georges Moreau - drums) that could rival the heavyweights. Even with the lyrics written in French you can still make out the intensity of High Power. The music is just so captivating. Now the band should have been able to build on the success of that first album. For their follow-up though the band tapped the talents of Dieter Dierks (known for his collaboration with the Scorpions which had turned them into superstars) but the end results were so bad that the band would eventually split up. While there was material that would eventually follow 1983's self-titled affair none of it every matched the power of that one album. The album would be reissued CD by Brennus. It is also available on Itunes. As a side note any hope of the band reforming as so many other great 80's bands have recently was sadly crushed when Patrick Malbos died in 1991. A powerful force behind the mic he help created a underrated classic that deserves more than to be buried under the mound of other 80's metal bands.


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In the year of the Lord 1983 High Power debut is unleashed and there are more countrymen to follow.
Offrande Charnelle!French Revolution

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