Thursday, October 06, 2011

Noothgrush-Live for nothing

Southern Lord

Live for Nothing is a combination of two live radio broadcasts. The first from KZSU from 1996 and the other from KFJC in 1999. That makes for a total of eighteen tracks growling doom. These two shows certainly show just how powerful this band can be. The sound is thick and deep overall although as far as sound quality goes the first show sounds a little stronger to my ears. That's not so important because what really matters is that Noorthgrush deliver the kind of dragging, dark sludge that will pull your intention in immediately. Here are some of the stand out tracks. "Sith" moves at a creeping pace, but it's a definite monster."Erode the person" is over eight minutes of slow sounds as each beat and note are stretched as far as possible."Procreation of the wicked" has an enormously thick sound even by Noothgrush standards. "Stagnance" relies on huge riffs echoing and the vocals are particularly mesmerizing on this track. If there is one shortcoming to this album it's that a few songs are fairly in style and I found myself reaching for the fast forward button because of that a couple of times. Overall a very powerful set and I am glad that Southern Lord put the two shows together for a release.

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