Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Forgotten Gems: Blackmayne-Blackmayne

Crimonal Response / Ebony

Make no mistake about Blackmayne. There is nothing magical about this band. This might not constitute another long lost gem of the NWOBHM movement or a must have classic. Blackmayne were a one and done band. For 1985 the NWOBHM scene was drying up and even if this five- piece band had been given world wide press, amazing tour opportunities and killer publicity they still might not have managed more than another album or two after this one. With that out of the way let me say that Blackmayne have had me hooked in their claws for sometime now. The music on this one album is faster and harder than your usually NWOBHM metal while not going to the extremes of Venom or Raven. Instead it is almost speed metal and flat out rocks. This is just 8 tracks of uptempo heavy metal. It doesn't really sound like it belongs in 1985. If it wasn't for the speed and heavy bass back end this one would fit better in with 1981-1983 heavy metal. Something tells me these lads loved the classics like Jaguar, Angel Witch and Demon as much as they did the early thrash metal they heard from America. I offer no reason why this is a must find other than the fact that it is no-frills heavy metal and that is what makes life so meaningful sometimes. This one is easy to find online.


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