Thursday, October 13, 2011

Exhumed-All Guts, No Glory

Relapse Records

Exhumed should have called their new album "All Guts & All Gory". With such lovely and charming song titles as "Your Funeral, My Feast", "Dis-assembly Line" and my personal favorite "So Let It Be Rotten… So Let It Be Done" this is one blood-drenched album. Having been around since 1990 this San Jose, California death/grindcore band have always been an underground favorite. After all these years not much could be done to change that lets face it. Even with nods to thrash it isn't as if this new album could suddenly make Exhumed overnight sensations. Quite honestly I don't think the band cares at this point just as long as they have a gore-filled good time. And they seem to. They thrash and grind their way through "All Guts, No Glory" like a pack of half-crazed demon dogs. Either you love this kind of metal (with a grinding death assault) or you don't so depending on where you find yourself on the heavy metal scale approach with care. If vile, ugly and nasty death/grind sounds appealing right before Halloween then dive right in!


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