Monday, October 17, 2011

Morta Skuld-Through the Eyes of Death: The Early Demos


Underground death metal band Morta Skuld were formed in 1990 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That same year they released these two promising demos ("Gory Departure" and "Prolong the Agony Demo") followed by the Morta Skuld / Vital Remains Split in 1993. After signing with England's Peaceville Records the band released three well received full-length albums. Morta Skuld would sign with Pavement records for their last effort, 1998's "Surface". For whatever reason the band decided they needed to move on in 2002 they changed the bands name to MS2. With the new name came a drastic change in style. Gone was Morta Skuld's mid-paced death metal and in its place was modern thrash/nu-metal. MS2 became 9mm Solution before the band finally broke up. This album combines the band's two 1990 demos on one disc. Both demos have been remastered by Chris Wisco at Belle City Sound. Fans of Morta Skuld's brand of brutal death metal will love this collection. The sound has been tweaked and smoothed out while still retaining the intense edge that made Morta Skuld such veterans of the scene. If your new to Morta Skuld this release might not be a bad place to start as it does give you a good idea of what these death metal heavyweights were aiming for. With so many bands reforming these days maybe there remains hope for Morta Skuld. Death metal still remains an underground favorite for many and Morta Skuld would be welcomed back with open arms by their many fans.


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